• I am a photographer.
  • I chase photos.
  • I name my cameras.
  • I dare all my clients to be themselves...unapologetically.
  • Prayer is a part of my daily routine.
  • I believe every woman has a right to the perfect shade of red lipstick.
  • I love my husband more than orange sherbet. 
  • I know that football is pretty neat-o. (Go Bucs! Go Gators!) 
  • I think subtlety is sexy.
  • I am electric dust. 
  • I kick-box & I run. 
  • I am a certified french-fry connoisseur.
  • Hablo random Spanish.
  • I am positive that love is the bee's knees.
  • I shoot people. :-)
  • JolyeToi literally means "pretty you."
  • Yes...my REAL name is Jolye Toi.
  • I adore life unaltered.
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